Victra – How ADP Vantage HCM helped?

Victra, which has a thousand and forty stores across 47 states and is considered one of the leading Verizon Wireless exclusive agents, had a big problem: managing its 6,000 employees effectively in terms of their schedules and budgets.

However, attempting to schedule manually such a large workforce while ensuring that labor costs remained manageable was both time-consuming as well as ineffective.

Nevertheless, partnering with ADP and implementing their Workforce Management solution enabled Victra to achieve impressive results like 4.5% rise in customer conversions and 6.5% jump in NPS.

Victra - How ADP Vantage HCM helped

Impact of ADP Vantage HCM on Victra

ADP partnered with Victra to implement a scheduling transformation. The said company’s Enterprise eTIME® system combines Optimized Scheduling and Budgeting components, helping Victra make significant strides toward achieving this goal.

Here’s what happened when ADP got involved with Victra:

Streamlined Scheduling

With an efficient staffing pattern tool provided by ADP, Victra developed strategic staffing plans. These resulted in better scheduling practices which completely eliminated guesswork during staff planning sessions thus ensuring there was always the right person at every point.

Reduced Labor Costs

The software had sophisticated labor forecasting abilities enabling Victra to optimize staffing levels for anticipated customers’ waveforms. ADP‘s data-led approach enables them minimize non-productive overtime costs incurred.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By optimizing its staff availability during peak hours, Victra improved the shopping experience for patrons. Consequently they enjoyed an incredible 4.5% higher customer conversion ratio compared to previous years indicating more positive customer experiences.

Improved Employee Morale

This new system probably allowed store managers some relief from agonizing over schedules. Additionally smart scheduling might have resulted in better work-life balances for employees thereby boosting overall morale.

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Stronger Vendor Relationship

David Gaminde, Vice President of Operations at Victra commended the outstanding assistance accorded by ADP. This positive vendor relationship further enhanced Victra’s experience with the ADP solution.

ADP’s solution had a major impact on Victra. Customer conversions increased by 4.5% while Net Promoter Score (NPS) climbed by 6.5%. This marked improvement in customer satisfaction rate underscores the effectiveness of Victra’s new scheduling practices.

Efficiency and Cost Control in Scheduling: A Challenge for Victra

Victra had relied on manual schedules before it embraced ADP‘s Workforce Management solution. In addition, they did not have enough information to guide them in making appropriate staffing levels that could match their customers’ demands tactically. This also posed challenges for managing overtime and labor costs since they depended on real-time data and insights.

According to David Gaminde, Vice President of Operations at Victra, “I’ve been around awhile and I can tell you – I’m not sure that anyone has ever come close to what I’ve received from the team at ADP; it’s been phenomenal.” I’m very happy.”

ADP Workforce Management Solution: Strategic Advantage

For optimizing scheduling and budgeting, ADP gave Victra a full set of tools:

Sophisticated ReportingReal-time data is key as it empowers decision-making about staffing levels and resource allocation.
Robust Labor Forecasting AlgorithmsTo maximize sales opportunities, Victra adjusted its workforce based on expected changes in demand for its products.
Tailored Budgeting SolutionFor labor costs, ADP offered a solution that helped the company set achievable objectives.
Powerful Scheduling SolutionThe tool was user-friendly allowing store managers to create efficient schedules that were optimized thereby ensuring right people were present when required.

The Victra’s Success Story: Higher Conversion Rates and Employee Contentment

Victra observed a significant improvement in its key performance indicators after implementing ADP’s Workforce Management Solution:

  • 4.5% Increase in Customer Conversions: Optimized scheduling saw to it that the right staff was available for customer assistance, leading to high conversion rates.
  • 6.5% Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS): It is evident that improved employee scheduling practices have led to an enhanced employee experience, which has resulted in high NPS, measuring customer loyalty.
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The relevance of ADP’s workforce management solution can be proved by what became of Victra. Victra achieved notable increases in customer conversions and employee satisfaction through process streamlining, visibility into important operational data, and optimization of labor costs. This partnership demonstrates the importance of state-of-the-art technology as a way to improve efficiency in operation and succeed in business.

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