Parkdale Mills – How ADP Vantage HCM helped?

Parkdale Mills, a popular distributor of spun yarn and fiber innovation across the globe, is no stranger to resilience.

With millions of pounds of yarn produced each week to supply clothing brands, the military, and other textile industries, the company has dominated its market since inception.

Parkdale Mills - How ADP Vantage HCM helped

Parkdale Mills – How did ADP Vantage HCM Help?

Parkdale Mills‘ experience with ADP Vantage HCM showed them just how great the platform can perform given tough times.

Here’s what ADP Vantage HCM did for Parkdale Mills:

Key BenefitsDescription
Critical Compliance SupportDuring the unprecedented times brought by the global health event, compliance regulations were constantly changing. ADP Vantage HCM provided Parkdale Mills with ongoing resources and communication concerning these updates so they could adapt while still remaining compliant.
Real-time InformationKaren Menting, Vice President of HR at Parkdale Mills, said “the tools ADP provides us serve as an enabler… We now have the statistics and modules that provide us real-time information we’re looking for right at our fingertips.” This real-time data allowed them to see full glimpses of their workforce performance at every stage throughout the crisis.

Agile Adaptations in Times of Crisis

The global health pandemic brought forth new challenges that required new adaptations from companies worldwide; Parkdale Mills was no exception.

Here’s how they adapted:

  • Employee Health Prioritization: As it should be expected, John (Unspecified role) spoke about how they made sure their employees were safe during this time. Some measures included social distancing rules being implemented within facilities along with mask mandates and increased sanitation protocols. On top of this, visitor access was limited to essential personnel only which further helped contain the spread of the virus within their walls.
  • Pivoting for PPE Production: Despite production slowdowns, Parkdale Mills received a critical request from the White House – to produce 600 million face masks.
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With this order at hand, thousands of furloughed employees were able to come back to work and contribute significantly to the fight against the pandemic.

ADP’s role in Parkdale Mills’s Success

Karen Menting emphasized on how ADP was an invaluable source during this time:

  • Trusted Information Source: Parkdale Mills relied heavily on ADP’s consistent communication regarding COVID-19. Tools such as the Employer Preparedness Toolkit and COVID Employee Communications Toolkit provided them with all legislative updates pertaining to the evolving situation.
  • People Focus Support: The support from ADP allowed Parkdale Mills’ HR team to prioritize their most vital asset— their employees. “Having all this information right at our fingertips… enabled us to focus on unique challenges and opportunities, as well as health and safety of our associates,” says Karen.

When the global health event brought forth a 75% decline in demand for its products in 2020, many people believed that they wouldn’t recover — but they did.

This is where ADP Vantage HCM came into play; A comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that proved itself as a powerful partner throughout their journey of resilience.

Using ADP Vantage HCM

If you’re employed by Parkdale Mills, you’re all set! You can access benefits offered by ADP Vantage HCM simply through your platform account.

  1. Locate the Login Page: Open a web browser and go to the ADP Vantage HCM login page specifically for Parkdale Mills employees. Your Human Resources department or internal Parkdale Mills communications will likely have this information.
  2. User Login Selection: Put your User ID (given during onboarding) and your chosen password in the fields on the login page.
  3. Login: Click “Log In” to get into your ADP Vantage HCM dashboard. With it, you can access various features, such as personal HR information, self-service tools, and company documents that may be useful to you.
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Remember: Should you have any questions about ADP Vantage HCM login or need assistance with your HR info, reach out to Parkdale Mills’ HR department. They’re there to help ensure a smooth experience with the platform.

Accessing ADP Vantage HCM

Logging in is how Parkdale Mills employees can gain all of the advantages provided by ADP Vantage HCM. Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Locate the Login Page: Open a web browser and navigate to the ADP Vantage HCM login page specifically designated for Parkdale Mills employees. This information can likely be obtained from your HR department or through internal Parkdale Mills communications (which are often sent via email).
  2. User Login Selection: Enter your User ID (provided during onboarding) and your chosen password in the form fields on the login page.
  3. Login: Click the “Log In” button to access your ADP Vantage HCM dashboard. This grants you access to plenty of functionalities including self-service tools, personal HR information, and relevant company documents.

Remember: If you have any questions or problems regarding anything related to this process or even if it’s just general concerns about your HR info at Parkdale Mills – reach out to their HR team right away! They are always ready and eager to assist!


Parkdale Mills has proved that its resilience and the power of HCM solutions like ADP Vantage HCM are worth the investment. When times got tough in 2020, these companies leveraged real-time data, maintained compliance, and prioritized employee well-being to not only survive a global crisis but grow stronger through it. Most notably, their ability to adapt is seen in their dive into producing PPE.

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Looking forward, ADP Vantage HCM plans to continue being a valuable partner for Parkdale Mills as they continue to rock success out of the park.

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