Viejas Casino & Resort – How ADP Vantage HCM helped?

Viejas Casino & Resort is a hot destination in San Diego, California, boasting about its great guest experiences. One of those ways is to make sure the workforce is satisfied and productive. With over 1,650 employees, ensuring that all staff members are happy can be a difficult task.

To address this and ensure the team remains empowered, Viejas Casino & Resort made use of ADP Vantage HCM – a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

Their HR operations have since been transformed and there have been significant improvements in efficiency, employee satisfaction, and cost savings.

Viejas Casino & Resort - How ADP Vantage HCM helped

Viejas Casino & Resort – How ADP Vantage HCM helped?

ADP Vantage HCM gave Viejas Casino & Resort an optimized platform to manage their workforce while making sure that employee satisfaction remained high. Some of the features that helped them include:

Optimized Scheduling

  • Optimized Scheduling: This tool helps forecast labor needs before they happen thus creating fewer scheduling errors.
  • Automated Time and Attendance: This feature ensures employees clock in at work without any manual data entry.

Payroll Manager at Viejas Casino & Resort Jon Freedman had this to say about Optimized Scheduling:

“Since implementing Optimized Scheduling we’ve seen a tremendous amount of value added. The overall visibility it provides our management team and our employees is wonderful.”

Employee Mobile Access

The main goal at Viejas Casino & Resort is to prioritize employee convenience and self-service options. They have achieved this by providing their workers with on-the-go access to schedules, benefits information, and more through the help of the ADP mobile app which was an extension of ADP Vantage HCM.

  • Simplified Time Off Requests: Employees can now submit time off requests with ease through the app.
  • Improved Communication: Employees can talk directly with managers in real-time on the app as well saving both parties valuable time.
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Lexus Cosmano who works for Viejas Casino & Resort had this to say about the app:

“The whole process is just so easy and saves everybody a lot of time.”

Data-Driven Decision Making

To keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, Viejas Casino & Resort relies heavily on data. ADP Vantage HCM helps them with valuable insights into their company’s operations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: ADP Vantage HCM empowers Viejas Casino & Resort with its powerful reporting tools. With the ability to create customized reports on everything from labor costs and overtime to employee turnover, the casino can continuously identify areas for improvement and make data-driven HR decisions.
  • Actionable Insights: By analyzing trends and correlations within worker data, Viejas Casino & Resort can optimize labor scheduling and resource allocation.

“Data and analytics is the foundation of any successful business. And to be able to identify data that correlates together is so key in what we do. And with ADP, the data is all there, and it’s an easy reporting system. It can tell us, based off volumes and staffing level, the correlations. Our biggest expense is labor. A fantastic value that we get through ADP is the ability to see a correlation—or perhaps in some cases, not see a correlation—where we need to make some corrections quickly from a labor standpoint. Being able to quickly tie our revenue back to our labor costs is tremendous.”

Freddie Harmon, Talent Acquisition Manager at Viejas Casino & Resort

Viejas Casino & Resort’s experience speaks volumes about how effective ADP Vantage HCM really is when transforming HR operations while keeping employees happy along the way. As the casino continues to thrive in the hospitality industry, there’s no doubt that ADP Vantage HCM will continue to be an invaluable resource.

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How to Access ADP Vantage HCM:

Viejas Casino & Resort employees can access all of ADP Vantage HCM’s features by logging into the platform. Here’s how:

  • Locate the Login Page: To start, employees need to log in to their account on a web browser’s page. The HR department should have already communicated this information through internal channels.
  • User Login Selection: Once you’re on the login page, use your User ID (given when you were first onboarded) and your chosen password.
  • Login: Press the “Log In” button so you can enter your dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to see things like your availability, paystubs, benefits information, and more using self-service tools.

Just Remember… For any questions about logging in or accessing any HR information through ADP Vantage HCM, reach out to Viejas Casino & Resort‘s HR department for assistance. They are there for support and to answer any questions you may have about how it works.


Viejas Casino & Resort has successfully revamped its HR operations with ADP Vantage HCM.

The new system streamlines and automates their HR, going from their old manual and reactive setup.

They’ve now got a data-driven program that’s efficient and organized. With this updated format comes a whole slew of advantages: better scheduling, improved employee satisfaction, better decision making through data-driven operations.

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